High-end Luxury Vinyl Plank vs. Hardwood Floors

LVT vs. Wood Flooring
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It's an age-old debate: Should I utilize hardwood or LVT floor covering? They have lots of resemblances, in terms of toughness, design alternatives and elegance. These 2 flooring materials are likewise quite various; one is made from a natural resource while the various other is manufactured from basic materials. With this numerous differing aspects, it can be tough to select in between hardwood as well as LVT. However what if you didn't have to choose?

It ends up, hardwood flooring and LVT work rather well in together in a variety of industrial settings-- you just have to comprehend their toughness and also weak points.

To finest illustrate the comparable features of LVT vs. hardwood flooring, let's break flooring down right into five quantifiable high qualities:

Look & Design
Durability & Security
Ecological Effect
Look & Style
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Wood floor covering is timeless as well as has actually long been a staple in interior design. However, the advancements in LVT technology have assisted it get widespread prestige for its appeal and sturdiness. When it comes time to select between hardwood as well as LVT, it really boils down to the appearance as well as style you're attempting to achieve for a certain location.

With both hardwood as well as LVT, you will certainly have numerous design options available. Yet there are some distinctions that may affect style decisions. First, wood slabs are usually much longer (as much as 7 feet long) than LVT slabs (up to 4 feet long on average). And also with actual hardwood you are obtaining an all-natural product, so it will have unique components such as knots and grain patterns. With LVT, each style has been electronically developed so you can accomplish the precise appearance that you're opting for in an easily repeatable pattern.

Also, some specialized wood species, while beautiful, aren't resilient enough to hold up in a commercial environment. For example, bamboo flooring is preferred in health facilities and other commercial rooms with a Scandinavian layout. Yet all-natural bamboo flooring is quite soft-- this would be a terrific possibility to utilize real timber in the access location while continuing the layout with LVT that looks like bamboo.

This is enabled because the look and also design of LVT is derived from a real photographic image layer between the support and also the clear wear layer. With constant as well as rapid developments in electronic photography as well as photo editing/manipulation, LVT developers need just photo the wanted subject to create a nature-realistic item.


Wood floor covering is timelessly lovely.
Is available in several shades, qualities and designs.
Available in longer slab sizes.

Readily available in various shades, styles, as well as layouts.
Can continue a wood-look in a location with wetness.
Durability & Security

Prior to talking about the toughness as well as stability of LVT vs. wood, we need to specify these terms, as they appear similar.

Longevity: Firmness of the floor covering-- especially its upper wear layer. The even more resilient a flooring, the more use it can take.
Security: Controlled by the density of the entire and/or make-up of layers as well as top quality of materials. Steady flooring material holds its sizes and shape versus wetness and/or environment adjustments.
The good news is that wood floor covering and LVT are similarly sturdy products. While LVT is produced that way, wood is a naturally occurring material which means it has to undergo strict screening to be regarded suitable for commercial areas.

Timber is normally hard, so hardwood flooring is extremely resilient as well as steady. This durability is improved by a factory-applied coating that shields the hardwood and maintains it looking excellent as brand-new. It is necessary to note that engineered hardwood flooring should not have any type of additional layers or waxes applied to it, as that can endanger the protective layer.

While wood flooring will hold up in several business environments, it is best to prevent using it in locations where it could obtain a lot of moisture exposure. Bathrooms, washing areas or in some cases cooking areas obtain a lot of water on the floorings, which can wear down the wood with time.

As an artificial material, LVT is immune to dampness and also environment. Parterre's LVT, as an example, is made with top quality vinyl-- manufactured with multi-directional base layers under a level, hot press method. This gives the flooring a memory for straightness that stands up under sensible moisture and also temperature changes. Produced under great heat as well as pressure, the many layers of LVT ensure it will stand up under hefty use.

LVT is incredibly sturdy and also secure, as well as its durable layer makes it resilient and applicable to almost any scenario. The majority of guarantees give use under business conditions.


Hardwood floor covering is both long lasting as well as secure.
Factory-applied finish protects and radiates.
Ideal for numerous industrial locations.

Extremely sturdy as well as secure.
Little to no upkeep.
A durable layer makes LVT durable as well as appropriate to virtually any kind of circumstance.
Environmental Effect


Wood floor covering is clearly a natural deposit, and on the surface that may appear unsafe, there are several floor covering manufacturers who are working to fight logging. It is rather usual for hardwood to be collected from company-run timberland, where harvesting is done on a cycle with new trees grown to regularly restore the source. And also crafted hardwood employs a production procedure that makes certain almost all parts of the tree are made use of-- the plywood layer under the top slab is composed of recycled timber scraps and remaining materials.

LVT flooring additionally influences some adverse undertones, as lots of people believe that manufacturing processes that make use of plastic misbehave for the atmosphere. At Parterre, we boast of our sustainability efforts and also have actually a specialized production process that maintains the environment top of mind. Our LVT floor covering is comprised of recycled products, is recyclable and also is made from a synthetic (PVC) whose primary element is an exceptionally bountiful resource-- salt.


Gathered from a lasting natural deposit.

Parterre's version is recyclable as well as comprised of recycled products.
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Hardwood flooring as well as LVT can and also need to be used in nearly all of the very same industrial settings. Friendliness, multi-family, retail, company as well as more are all suitable settings for both wood as well as LVT-- there are, nevertheless, a few exceptions.

Wood is a classy and also classic option for virtually any kind of flooring application other than areas with excessive dampness. This implies hardwood shouldn't be used in locations like bathrooms, or dining establishment kitchen areas. These locations are great alternatives for an LVT flooring.

LVT's normally moisture-resistant buildings makes it perfect for a grocery store's produce locations or kitchens and bathrooms. The stability as well as toughness with which it is made furnishes it for industrial use in retail, friendliness, health care, academic, property as well as fitness setups.


Suitable for almost any type of industrial environment
Need to not be made use of in areas with lots of moisture

Wetness resistant
Stability as well as toughness ideal for commercial usage
When you utilize hardwood or LVT, you're doing so since you desire an extravagant prime focus for your style. With premium surfaces come somewhat higher price, but both wood and LVT are long-lasting investments that will offer durability as well as beauty to any kind of room.

When it boils down to dollars and also cents, hardwood flooring is a little bit much more costly than LVT. This is due to the truth that is a natural resource that should be collected, grated and ended up, while LVT can be consistently produced in one location. As for upkeep is worried, both floor covering products can be easily maintained with straightforward floor cleaners as well as the mop and bucket system.


Regular upkeep and also upkeep costs.

Minimal maintenance prices.

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