You've bought the home, now you need to take care of it. Home ownership is an investment, and can easily depreciate if not taken care of. Learn more about seasonal responsibilities, and the little things that go a long way in maintaining your home. 

Are you planning to put your home on the market soon? One essential yet often overlooked step in the preparations is touching up the paint. A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference, helping your house stand out to potential buyers and maybe even boosting your property's value. But, you do not need to invest in a complete repainting project. A few touch-ups can do the trick and you can easily do it yourself by following these easy steps.

Step 1: Match the Paint

To ensure your touch-ups blend seamlessly with the existing paint, it is crucial to use the same color and finish. Check the original paint can for the color code, or take a small sample of the wall paint to the store for a perfect match. Alternatively, you can use a paint color…

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Painting over a vinyl-covered wallboard is something that many people have an issue with. These wallboards are discovered in numerous older homes and mobile homes. While vinyl-covered wallboard was in design many years earlier, that design has gone away and people want an even more modern-day look. Occasionally removing the wallboard and remodeling the whole room is not in the budget. Paint over the vinyl-covered wall surface is the only alternative. It can be made with some unique paints as well as techniques.

Usage Sandpaper on Wall Surface
Normally you would certainly not want to place any type of sandpaper onto the wall. Nonetheless, it is essential that the plastic covering be roughed up a little bit in order…

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