Hi it's Eric Beaverford with Maxwell Polaris.  I hope you had a great start to your 2018! I have had many requests asking me about foreclosures and bank owned properties lately.  My reply is always it's house by house or condo by condo.  Some are great some are good and some not so good.  Some have been renovated or partly renovated and some are like new and some need serious repair.  Some are difficult for the first time home buyers because no conditions will be accepted while other lenders make it easier on the buyer.  

It's really important to due as much background on the property as possible.  Time on the market, condition, area, unfinished projects, roof, furnace ect. While negotiating it's important to put an inspection condition and make sure…

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Did a search this morning and added 12 new residential foreclosures: Check out the latest foreclosures including Summerside, Silverberry, Gold Bar and more!  Great deals out there call me at 780-288-1293.  Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Beaumont single family and acreage search.

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Summerside Homes for Sale!

Hello everyone welcome to our blog.  Todays topic is Summerside in South East Edmonton.  Would you use the lake or is it a novelty.  I have talked with Summerside residents and clients and they all say that it is an amazing addition to their lifestyle.  Who wouldn't want to swim or go fishing in their own private community?  Ice rinks and a huge club house.  For many taking the traditional holiday is very difficult.  he expense and time and even finding a campground is tough.  In Summerside you can have a picnic and swim and enjoy the summer months right next to your home! Take a look at homes for sale in Summerside below

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SOUTH EAST EDMONTON HOMES FOR SALE! MLS® LISTINGS! homes in Maple, Laurel, Silverberry, the Meadows and more to chose from! Different additional cozy communities include Charlesworth, Summerside, Walker and Ellerslie. South East Edmonton, as a whole, could be a sought-after residential region for families. there's one thing for everybody here, from high end homes with basement suites in Laurel and Maple to

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WEST EDMONTON HOMES FOR SALE: 100% Finance Links! SEARCH SINGLE HOUSES, DUPLEX AND CONDOS FOR SALE. Homes close to West Edmonton Mall, Waterpark, close to restaurants, recreation, car dealerships and Misericordia Hospital     


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Rest in Peace to a legend Joey Moss locker room attendant for 35 years! I can not remember the Oilers without Moss through the Stanley Cups to the decade of darkness he was always a shining light for the community! Good bye Joey Moss you will me missed by Edmonton and across the nation! The Oilers are arranging a recognition for Moss. Gretzky, a substitute lead representative with the Oilers, said the network may help choose the structure the accolade takes. essential for society. So we must sort out the correct method to respect him to endure forever. He merits that.


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Downtown Homes For Sale » Additional Info » Amenities Downtown Edmonton is HOT! Particularly contrasted with 10 years prior, the scene has radically improved to improve things. Never again is downtown viewed as a Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm sort of spot. On Saturdays, the City Market Downtown fills 104 Street and cafés around there have such a reliable after that it makes it practically difficult to get a table most evenings without a booking. Extra Downtown Information On the in addition to side for Downtown Edmonton however is the increased interest and new improvements here especially the quantity of townhouses going up that will additionally urge more individuals to pick the midtown center as their ideal spot to live. The decision to live…

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