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looking for a great deal on a new home?  Call Eric at 780-288-1293 and lets talk!  I have sold hundreds of new homes over the years.  New homes are meant to be sold.  Negotiate a fair deal with the builder.  Is it new on the market?  Has it been around for a while?  New homes can be a great bargain if you play your cards right! Check out some new homes here. Updated hourly.  

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Hello welcome to our Leduc Blog. Here we take a closer look at the Leduc Real Estate and share opinions on where the market is going and how best to maximize your greatest- your home. To start we are taking a look at the current Leduc market. Lets start by looking at active homes on the market

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Keep updated on the latest homes for sale in Spruce Grove including new developments in Tonewood, Harvest Ridge and Greenbury. Download our new app at .  I get a lot of questions all the time that start with " What should I do to increase my house value?.."  The answer to that is list your home at the right price! Maybe people want to hear new carpets or paint of fix the sidewalk but I believe that older homes usually sell on location and price. If I paint my home blue maybe the next person wants in neutral.  if I paint it blue maybe they want it blue.  I suggest being super clean is the most important.  If the rugs are smelly than replace them! If you need paint than paint.  If the rugs are great and the paint is great than keep them.  Shingles are a

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Hi it's Anh Lang of TMG The Mortgage Group!  I've had a lot of inquiries on finding my payment.  I included a simple mortgage calculator that gives and accurate payment (but cal me for more details 780-446-1271).  Keep in mind the interest rate is set as a default and I may be able to shop around and getter a better rate!  100% finance is still available as well.  Have a great day and give me a call anytime at 780-446-1271. OR APPLY BELOW!


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Did a search this morning and added 24 new residential foreclosures: Check out the latest foreclosures including Summerside, Silverberry, Gold Bar and more!  Great deals out there call me at 780-288-1293.  Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Beaumont single family and acreage search.

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